Sunday, January 23, 2011

7 Things

Small Town Runner tagged me to answer this, and I like doing it because it means that a) I have something to write about and b) someone wants to hear these answers, even if it's just one person.

Basically it's 7 interesting facts about me. It will not include that I like creeper glasses. It will not include that I like peanut butter and jelly. I promise. I cannot promise that they will actually be interesting, but it's worth a shot!

#1 - I have a grey streak in my hair
I started getting it when I was in high school, one small chunk of grey hair. Now that I have actual other grey hairs that are wiry and crazy like normal grey hair, I realize that my grey streak is not at all the same. It's smooth and lays down and it's long like the rest of my hair. I didn't like having it in high school as people usually made a big deal about it, but I love it now. Most often I get told that it's just like the lady from What Not To Wear (the tv show) or Rogue from X-Men. And I've just learned this year that in Spanish it's called a "lunar" or mole, kinda the same as a birthmark.

Most of the time it hides under my bangs and I don't have many pictures of it. 
 This picture is awkward because I did not want Stephanie to take it. Also, it was windy.
And there it is, barely peeking out.
#2 Singing
I've always loved to sing. I sang in a childrens choir when I was in 6th grade, and sang all four years in high school choir. I joined a jazz ensemble in college for the challenge. My mom is a singer and has a beautiful voice, so I grew up listening to music and watching my mom be involved in it. I sing alto, and you'd be hard pressed to get me to sing for you.

#3 Tabor House
My last two years in college I lived in a house with three other girls. The first year we lived in Rainier House, the second year we lived in Tabor House (our college named the houses after local landmarks). We dubbed ourselves "Tabor House", so when I refer to Tabor House I mean these three wonderful friends. Most people have had horrible roommate experiences, but I was extremely blessed to live with these ladies. They are fun, smart, talented, and crazy. Who else would I have created Tabor House band with? Who else would throw a chicken party? Who else would I do karaoke with? Who else would ring doorbells and yell "Mama!" Not anyone else, I can tell you that much.
 And who else would pose for cheesy Christmas cards?
 We graduated from college. Thank God.

#4 I've always been a nail biter
I don't know when I started, but I can't remember a time when I wasn't trying to stop biting my nails. I finally fixed it this summer, though. How? In the grossest way imaginable:
Yes, that is me trying to set up the picture so it looks like I'm picking my niece's nose.
But anyway, getting fake nails helped me realize what it's like to have actual nails. I despise what they do to your real nails, so I'll never do it again (besides being a waste of money), but it was good for the experience. So now I'm learning how to use a nail clipper and file instead of my teeth. It only took me about 18 years, but I'm making progress. 

#5 Volvos
My first car was a Volvo (1979 tan 242DL), my second car was a Volvo (1984 blue diesel station wagon). My third car was a Volvo (1980 tan Volvo Wagon). The last one I had for four years.
The picture I posted for its craigslist ad. Sob.
I love everything about old Volvos except their gas mileage. I shouldn't have ever sold the one above because it was near mint with extremely low miles, and it treated me well. I hope to own another one someday. I know it's weird, but I miss the way they smell, I miss the way they turn, and I miss the sound the doors make when you shut them. I know, I know, I'm crazy.

#6 Organization
I love organization. My mom will scoff at this because she's seen the rooms I've lived in. But I love making schedules, lists, calendars, and setting things up to be organized. When I was kid I would love taking those huge boxes of Crayolas and organizing them to look like a rainbow - every color in its place.

#7 Switchfoot
I won't go into detail, but I used to be obsessed with Switchfoot. From the very beginning, in 1997, I followed them like a fangirl. I even have a scrapbook somewhere with photos and ticket stubs, a broken drumstick, signed items, etc. I was the girl who had to be in the front row at concerts, as evidenced here:
 I don't know what year this was, but sometime when I was in high school, so before 2001.
 Roseland Theater, June 2001
  Wow Hall, Eugene, 2002?
I was also the one waiting around after shows to talk to them, and get pictures or autographs. As evidenced here:
 I also usually hounded them to do their cover of "Respect". I was probably incredibly annoying. There are too many other embarrassing things to talk about for this, including the time I somehow hacked into their website and found private tour pictures. Yeah. Let's leave it at that. 
And there you have it. Seven things you probably didn't need to know about, but now you do, and your life is the better for it!

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  1. i thought all of those things were interesting, but of course the tabor house portion was especially fascinating. :) i agree with you, thank god!