Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wingin' It

Run: 3.4mi/30:30

I'm diggin' this. I'm doing it on my own. It's DIY now, and I am reveling. I'm officially on the Run-However-I-Want-Because-I-Don't-Have-a-Race-To-Train-For training plan. It feels pretty good to just go with the flow and figure out what I need on my own. I have ideas in my head from past training plans, but I'm telling myself what to do. I've never enjoyed being told what to do, and halfway through training plans I've resorted to whining, "I just don't wanna..." So for now, I'm doing it how I want.

And I guess that means when I say "Wednesday I will run like crazy until I feel like my legs will fall off, and I will do it for 3.4 miles", then that's what I do. That's a serious 5k race pace for me. I've never run a 5k race, but let's just say I ran one this morning. Hey - yesterday I actually ended up running my 10k race pace that I did last Spring, and it felt easy and good. I ran the 5k+ today at a pace 30 seconds faster. Wow.

Actually, I ran some of it at a faster pace, because I know my first mile was about 9:20. Yesssss.

Meanwhile, while I'm sitting in my room on the floor, Lucy is lying next to me, trying to snooze away. I began to sing along with my music, and she looked at me like I was bothering her. Well, sorry.

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