Saturday, April 30, 2011

Children's Day

Run: 4.4mi/45:45 This was pretty bad, to try to get through this, and I had planned on five miles, but couldn't get it. There was a serious lack of energy.

Today is Children's Day. I know, we don't celebrate that in the States, but we do in Mexico! Because Children's Day fell on a Saturday this year, we celebrated it yesterday here at the daycare. Games, a bounce house, singing, a skit, crafts, food, piñatas, and of course - candy. Let's get to it!

The babies! Yoseline getting some pretty sweet air.
 Another Yoseline doing a crazy jump.
 Ruben was too scared to go in.
 The pile of shoes.
 Ruben, who held his guitar most of the time, and pretended to play along with the music.
 The teachers put on a skit about Jesus letting the children come to him. It was pretty funny.
 Watching the skit.
 Martha vs. the piñata! (This is a Mexican cartoon character, which our director said is new, but is based off an old Mexican TV show.)
 Andres means business!!
 The scramble.
 Esteban and Isaac waiting their turn.
 The babies and their horse piñata.
 Obed and the Woody piñata.

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