Sunday, April 24, 2011

Best of

It's been a while, yet again. My manfriend came to visit, and when he visits I don't write much. I don't take many pictures because he takes so many pictures, and for some reason there seems less to write about. When I get pictures from the last week back from him, I'll be sure to post them - we did some fun things while he was here.

I decided to do a "best of" post today, a simple post about some things I found fun, interesting, or even silly over the past week and a half, and that I just want to share.

First of all, the Boston Marathon was on Monday, and although the elite Kara Goucher didn't win, she did set a personal record for herself which is amazing in itself because she had a baby last fall. Wow!
Two bloggers that I follow also ran Boston. Small Town Runner ran even after an injury, so she did an amazing job, although I know it wasn't the performance she wanted. You can read about her race experience here and here.

Skinny Runner did two marathons last week - the exclusive Gansett marathon and then Boston two days later. She's crazy. You can read about her Gansett experience here and Boston here.

My running? Not so elite or exclusive. Well, it's exclusive because I run by myself with Lucy. She's the exclusive member of my exclusive running club. We only met twice last week for really short runs, but we keep it like that to keep it exclusive. That's just how it is.

But really, I'm hoping to be building up again. I've been lazy, and I know it's mostly all in my brain. I know I can run much farther and many more miles, I just have to convince myself of that while I'm running. It needs to happen because Manfriend loves foods and desserts even more than I do, and if he's eating chocolate cake....

Said manfriend left yesterday on a plane back to go home, but before he did that we headed to the Scripps Aquarium in La Jolla.
 While it was nice, and there were a lot of fish to see, I think we both agreed that it was not as good as the Newport Aquarium on the Oregon Coast (which at one point owned Keiko, the whale from the Free Willly movies, and you know that was a big deal to me as a kid).

After the Aquarium we went to a great little restaurant called Prep Kitchen and enjoyed a lunch on their patio. We tried to find a park to hang out at it, but apparently everyone else in San Diego thought it'd be fun to go to the park in La Jolla yesterday as well, so we had to drive down to Pacific Beach to even find a parking spot next to a park. But we did. Then I put that man on a plane.

Any and all exciting adventures that were had last week will have to wait to be told, but I will tell you right now that we did play Connect Four, and although I think the score was 9-1 (him), I did win thumb wrestling later on. In case you need a reminder about how cool Connect Four is:

And on a completely unrelated side note that must be written because I am from Portland, I give to you the website Dads: The Original Hipsters (a little bit of questionable content included).

Have a great Easter.  
"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who bring good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of salvation, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion 'Your God reigns'". Isaiah 52:7.


  1. The aquarium looks fantastic. Obviously it can't complete with Free Willy though :)
    Really enjoying your blog!

  2. Seriously, I was in San Diego yesterday, only, downtown 'round the ballpark.....