Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Due South

Run: 3.4mi/34:45

We had to go South to Baja California Sur for some legal bidnass, so we spent ten hours in the car one day last week. The road is windy, pothole-y, and long. We drove down there, did the bidnass, ate lunch, and drove back. It was not that fun.

In the morning, on the way down, we stopped in CataviƱa for a rest, and Manfriend and I set out to photograph things. I guess that should be more like Manfriend set out to photograph things, and I followed, and got my picture taken.

This is not me. Does anybody know what this thing is?
 Me and a cactus. I'm obviously very excited about this picture.
 Manfriend and the cactus. He's much better at this.
When we got to Baja California Sur, we did the bidnass, and then went to lunch. This area is really big for whale watching (my parents have been a couple times and looooooove it - they get to touch the whales, and if you ever visit my mom will show you the videos to prove it). We stopped in at Malarrimo for lunch. The food wasn't great, but it was a nice restaurant.
I think the best part of this restaurant was the portly older gentleman who was our waiter (and his pencil thin mustache). He was completely straight faced while subsequently using his dry humor to entertain himself. I wouldn't have even known he was joking except that we had a Mexican friend with us who would translate as soon as the waiter left.

As lunch was ending I went to the bathroom, and came out to find everyone had left without me, and they had left my purse at the table. In Spanish I murmered about how they had left me, and left my bag, and the man shook his head, gave me a solemn face, and told me what bad friends I had.

In case you were wondering how tiny, barren, and not-great-in-general the highway is - here you go. Yes, this is the highway, and there is only one to get down the peninsula.

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