Thursday, April 7, 2011

H says huuuuuuuuhhh

Run: 3.4mi/35:00
I finally got myself to go farther. Finally. 

We have a group of doctors here this week. They've been running around to different places to serve. They've been at a local clinic, out in communities, at an old folks' home, and still going out to other communities today. The other part of their team is a group of teenagers that are helping our construction foreman, Colores, work on our classroom building. I've decided to take progress pictures from my balcony, so here is the latest.
While out on the balcony I heard my name being called. I finally (after a while) figured out that the kids were loaded in the van, ready to head home.
And the babies were coming, to get into the van. Welcome to our daycare, where we put babies in wheelbarrows.
Yesterday in class we talked about the letter H.
Hand Heart Horse House Hi Happy Hair
And like always, we made the letters with our bodies. We've learned up to letter H, so we sing the ABCs slowly while we put our arms above our heads to make A, two side circles with our arms to make B, etc. 

But wait. I added a new bucketload of fun yesterday by having the kids make H on the floor with their bodies. The younger class (first picture) was totally confused and I had to do it for them. The oldest Kinders class, however, was totally into it and barely needed instruction. I took the picture, showed them, and they thought it was the greatest thing ever. 

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  1. Hey meghan!! Thanks for checking out my blog!! If you run, the 26.2 applies to you! Maybe one day you will! I NEVER thought I would.

    Wow--you are teaching Englis in Mexico--what an amazing and rewarding experience!!