Sunday, April 24, 2011

Apple Pie Time

While Manfriend was here we made an apple pie. I made the same apple pie that I made for Thanksgiving. The only thing was that this time I had to make my own pie crust. Cutting cold butter into flour is no laughing matter, for which I was happy that Manfriend was there to help. He's a good manfriend like that.

It was delicious.
***You can find the apple pie recipe here. The only thing that should be changed is that it was on the watery side, so add more flour.
***The pie crust is found here. It was incredibly light and flaky. We used salted butter instead of shortening, and it was great. We doubled the recipe, thinking that it was only enough for one crust, but we were wrong - we had a ton left over. 

And you know what my family does with leftover pie dough? We make peanut butter and jelly pie. It's what it sounds like. And it's even better than you're thinking. And it is wonderful.
You're welcome.

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  1. Ok, the apple pie looks great but I'm way more interested in the PB&J pie. Yum!