Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Da Food

Yeah, living in Mexico has its highlights, one of which is the food. What? You didn't know Mexican food is great?
We have a taqueria here in town that most everyone loves. They really do have the best tacos. It's by the side of the road, the things you add to your taco are laying out on a table, and they're cheap. Manfriend and I had 5 tacos all together, and I think we ended up paying about 6 or 7 dollars. That's a steal.

Manfriend's plate, with carne asada on the left, and adobada (pork) on the right. He went simple with his add-ons (chopped onions and cilantro, salsa, lime).
I, on the other hand, want the cabbage, the marinated onions, the salsa, the lime. I want it all!
The spread

The adobada on the spit
We also tried another taco place that serves chorreadas. I'd never had one before and while it's not really anything different than any other Mexican food, the bottom shell is a little thicker than a regular tortilla and cooked crispier. I really liked it, and will definitely be back.

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Kelli and I love reading your blog! I've traveled down to the valley since I was 16. (I'm now 27.) I came to Welcome Home back when it was an orphanage and we were just there this past summer. Anyway, I saw your post about the chorreadas. I know the people who own the little restaurant. The granddaughter of the owners used to come to WHO all of the time because her mom (Chayito, spelling?) used to work in the nursery there. Kiana used to come with her mom to work. Chayito passed away a few years back and when we were venturing out to find Kiana, we met her grandparents with whom she lives with and they own the little taco place that serves the chorreadas. I know her uncles run it as well as other family members.
    I showed my husband the picture of the chorreada and he's drooling!
    Thanks for sharing pictures of the kids and culture!
    Oh, and I laugh every time I read the word manfriend. Too cute! :-)