Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Random

Part of living in Mexico is appreciating and getting into the sports the locals love. One of them? Boxing. I didn't grow up watching boxing, and I didn't start watching it until last year, when an acquaintance did some explaining on the art of boxing. Now? I look forward to big fights. This weekend Pacquiao and Mosley will duke it out in Vegas. All I know about Pacquiao is that he's a scrappy, inventive, little firecracker who beats up on men taller and bigger than him. His last opponent was a Tijuana native named Margarito.
That didn't go too well for Margarito, and he came back to Tijuana with a pretty sad looking face. Pacquiao's style is well known, and it's broken down in this New York Times article, published today. One of his inspirations? Bruce Lee.

My manfriend reviews food (he's like... a real good writer and stuff). We spent a little too much time watching this kid review items such as Diet Mt. Dew, Fruit Gushers, and other similar items. It's entertaining.

And in more entertaining news, you can read My OB Said What? In case you didn't know (oh wait, you didn't know because I never talk about it), I'm really interested in natural childbirth. Not for myself (right now... for obvious reasons), but for women in general. So this website is both funny and tragic.

And for your heart's desire, just flip through the pictures of this house. You'll drool.

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