Monday, May 2, 2011

Books: Incendiary

Run: 4mi/40:00

Incendiary by Chris Cleave
Cleave's other book, Little Bee, has been high on my list of literary loves ever since I read it a couple years ago. Little Bee is a terrific story, and I hoped Incendiary would be also.
Not quite. The book is a letter to Osama, from a woman whose husband and son were killed in a fictional terrorist attack in London. While the story is interesting, it's a little over the top for me, and didn't quite hit at the core of humanity the way Little Bee did. If you're looking for better storytelling, better characters, and a better plot, you'd want to check out Little Bee instead.

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  1. Hey Meghan!! nice to meet ya~I think it's awesome that you're a teacher for lil kids in Mexico~way cool. :D Is it for like, missionary work?