Monday, May 16, 2011

Playing favorites

On Friday the daycare staff held a celebration program and lunch for the mothers of our daycare kids. It's really neat that they put this on for them, as many are single mothers and deserve some recognition for the hard work they put in for their families. Most of the daycare kids stayed home, but some came because they were giving performances for the moms. I only got to take a picture of the baby class before I had to run off and do other things.

Now, I'm not going to lie. Ruben, on the left, is one of my favorite students, if not the favorite. For one, he's adorable (just look at him!), he's funny, and he's sweet. When I have him in class he likes to playfully argue with me about what a horse is called.
"Se llama 'ballo!"
"No, Ruben, it's a horse".
"No, se llama 'ballo!"
"Se llama 'ballo!" he says through gritted teeth.
This escalates until he gets up in my face, and with his very best angry face tells me that it is, in fact, a 'ballo. Then he walks away, I whisper "horse", and he comes running back again to argue with me. It's really cute.
 Ruben has a thing for that purple guitar. He will play it right-handed, left-handed, backward, forward, and even move his hands up and down the fretboard as if he was really changing chords.
Gosh, I love that kid. Even when he refuses to say hi to me when I see him at church.

The classroom project is coming along, thanks to our construction guys. Almost done being the structure. We have to wait to finish the whole project until we have the money, but hopefully it will be completed this summer.

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