Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's a real word, globeando. The globos is the flea market, and "-ando" is the "-ing" end to a verb in Spanish. So if you are shopping in the globos, you are globos-ing, which makes it globeando. I learned this from a very trusted source: a lady from my church. Aren't you glad you're being educated in Spanish?

Mom and I headed to the globos on Saturday. I scored a cute summer dress for 50 pesos (about $4.25), but didn't find any other clothes. All the clothes are used, and piled on tables, so you have to rifle through them all. I'm not very thorough, so I basically only look for attractive fabric (no polyester, please). You can imagine that it's not every time I see attractive fabric that I find something good. It can be stained, the wrong size, turn out to be ugly, etc. So in the 150 times I pulled out something, I found one good thing. But the one good thing is so good!

I think this is the best way to shop here, for two very good reasons: style and money. Walking into any sort of clothing/department store here, I never find anything that is my style. There's just a different style here, except that all the used clothes at the globos are from the States. Problem solved.  Also, you can't beat the prices. You just can't.

Case in point: Toward the end of our globeando on Saturday, my mom told me she wanted to show me something. She led me to a large bedspread and showed me the pattern. I told her I really liked it, and she asked me if I wanted it, explaining that I could have it for my bed. I jumped at that chance! Somehow my mom knew that this bedspread was exactly my style: red, and a little fun and funky. It's also a heavier quilted cotton throw, which I will happily use to replace my other comforter. And for how much? 150 pesos ($12.75). The best part, of course, is looking it up online and finding it's a comforter from Macy's that would probably cost about $130 new.
Just call me a happy camper!