Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mom Day!

As would be fitting on Mother's Day, I have to give a big shout out to my mom.

Five years ago my mom and dad sold their house - and my mom sold many of her belongings - and they followed God's prompting to move to Mexico. Although my Dad couldn't wait, this wasn't exactly an easy choice for my mom, but five years later she's still here, loving Mexico and its people more and more, and continuing to show major love.

My mom...

has the most beautiful singing voice,
 takes care of interns and others who need a place to eat and fellowship,
 takes care of all of us,
 loves to travel,
 loves to be with her daughter :),
 and is beautiful.
Mom also loves Scrabble and crosswords, reading, and basically being the master of the English language.

I love you, Mom!

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  1. Hon, this is SO SWEET! And I'm just now (May 20th) seeing this. How lame of me -- but how wonderful of YOU! Thank you for the beautiful words and thoughts and the photo montage :-). I LOVE IT and I LOVE YOU!