Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Run: 3.4mi/32:00

Let's talk about the Ugg boots. Please?

I used to think they were ugly, and I think I still kind of do. My original reasoning behind asking for a pair of these boots was to just keep warm. On a normal evening here I'm just completely cold, and I figured that sheepskin lined calf height boots just might keep me warmer than say, a thin layer of canvas ala Converse or Vans. And you thought I wasn't smart...

So I got the boots for Christmas (thanks, Mom!) and soon realized how comfortable they were. Warm and comfortable. I started taking to wearing them after long runs, because after I run 11, 12, or 13 miles, I really don't care what anyone thinks, and wearing these boots feels goooooood. Well, that's not true, I do care what people think. I still won't go out in sweatpants. At least not yet. I should aspire to that someday. 

But since being back here in Mexico, I've gotten into the habit of slipping the boots on in the morning for that cold trek to breakfast. It's fast, it's easy, it's warm.

I've gotten used to them, and I like them.
Apparently five year old Alexander like them, too. On Monday, as we sat in a circle and sang, he touched my boot. When we stood up to sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" he said "Profe Meghan, me gustan sus zapatos" (Teacher Meghan, I like your shoes). I ignored it once, trying to keep him focused on our song. He said it again, touching the boots one more time.

"Thanks, Alexander."
"Yeah, I like them."
To appease his fashion sense, I pulled up the leg of my jean to show him that they were boots, and not just shoes. He seemed pleased with this, but wanted more.

"And the other one?"
"It's exactly the same. Let's sing."

I don't know if Alexander likes the softness of the boots, the obvious comfort factor, or if he's trying to win me over, but whatever it is, I like it.
I think I pulled some sort of muscle a little bit this morning. The discomfort went away, but now it's back. Do I ice it? I have no idea. I didn't run that fast this morning, so I'm curious as to how that happened.


  1. did you run IN the boots? cause that might be your problem. :)

  2. Where is the muscle? YES! If you think you pulled it, ICE for 48 hours on and off as you can- 10-20 at a stretch. After 48 hours things change a bit and you'll just ice after warming it up or stretching or running or XT.

    Check out Hope it is just something minor. Was it an accident??

  3. haha I used to HATE ugg boots but now I love them and they save my feet from being so darn COLD in this winter! Hope you feel better though- sore muscles are a pain but at least you're working hard :) keep it up! Ohh i LOVE that you're a pre-school teacher! I got my EC degree in undergrad! miss it!