Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Run: 4.3mi/38:30

I'm not sure if it was the delicious dinner Gabby made for us last night, or the great late-night conversation I had, but this morning I felt great. Instead of cooling down the last 1.3 mile, I kept up my speed and ended on a high note.

I've had to start taking what I'll now refer to as "old lady pills", which require me to eat something when I take them, and at odd hours. I've scheduled it so that I take them as soon as I wake up, which means I have to eat something as soon as I wake up as well, something I'm not used to doing at all, as all of my runs I do before breakfast. I was a little paranoid about this whole process, and just started last night. I put my pills and my granola bar next to my bed so that when I woke up in the morning, it would all be right there.

How did I know I was paranoid? Because as soon as I woke up this morning, I tore into that granola bar. As I was chomping away at the first bite, I looked at the clock, which said "3:08". Yeah. Not 5:30. I put that bar down and went back to sleep.
I tutor a 4 year old girl in English twice a week. Although she tests my patience quite a bite, she's a funny character. Last week she asked me, "Miss Meghan porque vienes con su cabello suelto?" (Why do you always come with your hair loose?). While I wanted to answer by saying "Because I'm not Mexican, and I don't wear my hair back every day" or "Because my hair is beautiful and I want to", I simply said "Because I like it", which was good enough for a four year old.

During our class she has figured out that if she goes to the bathroom, it gets her out of thinking about English. Yesterday she went once, and then about half an hour later, as we were reading Green Eggs and Ham, she said she had to go again. "Okay," I said, "but quickly. Fast!" As she tiptoed to the door of our study room, she looked around, looked back at me, and told me to keep reading. She told me to keep reading so that the maid and her babysitter would think she was still in the room with me.

I had to laugh, because that's totally something I would have thought of as a kid.

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