Thursday, February 3, 2011

Make 'Em Laugh

No run. Although I told myself and others that the sore hip didn't matter, when my alarm clock went off this morning, I felt it was a good excuse to stay in bed. It feels fine today, thank goodness. 
Hey - have you guys heard about these new things called Readers and RSS feeds? Oh wait - you already heard? Two years ago? See, I'm really behind when it comes to new technology because... well, I can't think of a good reason other than I'm poor. Yes, I realize that's no excuse for not using a Reader.

Okay, well I just set mine up and it's... it's... amazing. Chances are, if you are reading this and you have a blog, then you're on my Google Reader. Your chances are great because I saw that I don't have very many subscribers (yes, I looked myself up), and I don't follow that many blogs (I can't keep people straight). Now my new obsession is checking my Reader ten times a day. Believe it.
My best friend, Stephanie, and I have a motto, and it's "Bringing joy wherever we go". This usually just means that we like to make random strangers laugh while we're out in public. Last year this usually happened on our monthly trips to Target with our bantering back and forth in front of the poor cashier (and yes, they usually laughed). 

The night before our half-marathon we took a trip to Target together and Stephanie pondered over a water bottle to buy. I stood around, minding my own business, stating that I would probably pick up a disposable water bottle for the race the next day. Then Stephanie suggested something that made me want to hug her. "Do you want to get a bottle? I'll buy it for you. We could get matching water bottles." 

Best friends. Matching water bottles. What more could you ask for? So we stood there, in that aisle, contemplating our best choices. 

"Purple? No way. What is that on that bottle - it looks evil. Who even uses a bottle like that?  Hey - if we're getting matching water bottles, they have to be cute. Aww we're going to have matching water bottles. I get a matching water bottle with my bestie!"

That's when we realized there was another girl in the aisle, and as I looked over at her, I could see her trying to conceal a smile. And that's when I said "We gotta stop, 'cause this girl thinks we're crazy". The girl replied "Ha. No, I'm not listening". Yeah, right.  
We picked out our water bottles. I may be more than 1,000 miles away from my Stephanie, but at least we've got matching water bottles, you know? We're totally mature women in our late twenties. 
Speaking of the half-marathon, my parents arrived home yesterday and brought with them some of the stuff I didn't want to lug on the plane two weeks ago. Included in that were my items from my half-marathon - my shirt and my medal. 

I don't know who in their right mind chooses a shirt this color, but I tried it on and I decided that a Mexican morning can deal with it. I'm seeing a winning combo of lime green shirt and pink running shorts in my future. It's really loose, it has long sleeves, I'm wearing it. But don't tell anyone.
And the medal. The race was put on by the Willamette Valley Road Runners. I'm just happy it's shaped like Oregon.
Also in among my things? A whole lot of books to get started on. A couple of them are old favorites that I dug out of storage to read again. Most are new to me.

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  1. that water bottle is ADORABLE! :)

    and i have no idea what a reader is.