Monday, February 21, 2011


Run: 4.4mi/45:00 

Since I took the weekend off (oops), I was definitely feeling it today, and didn't quite make all the miles I was hoping for. Maybe I learned my lesson.

One of the best things in the world is getting all your work done on Saturday so you can sit around and do nothing all afternoon and evening Sunday.

Speaking of awesome things, I found a website, 1000AwesomeThings that is making me smile. I guarantee you will find a handful of things that you agree are awesome.

For example:
An Inbox of Personal E-mails When You Wake Up in the Morning
Flavor Pockets
Peeling Your Socks off Under the Sheets
Walking on Grass with Bare Feet
Watching a Movie in The Basement with a Group of Friends (Hello college!)
Junk Drawers
Staying Up So Late That Everything Becomes Funny
Figuring Out How We Got on This Topic

... and many more.

And as my last contribution today - for Vonnegut fans:

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