Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looking good, smelling good

Run: 5.3mi/51:30

I pick up most of my classes by their daycare classrooms and lead them to my house, where I hold English class in half of my living room. The children get passed off to me by their teacher, and I grab the hand of the child who is first in line, while the rest hold on to the shirt of the person in front of them. The other day, as I took his hand, a 5 year old said to me "Profe Meghan, you smell good, like cake. I want to eat you." And his teacher and I had a good laugh.

Yesterday I held 4 year old Obed's hand and he said "Profe Meghan, you smell like marshmallow."

It's my hand lotion. Apparently it's a big hit with the preschool boys.

Edited 6 hours later to add: This afternoon, Edgar, in my oldest class, asked me if I had showered this morning. I confirmed that yes, I had. He asked why, then, was my hair still wet. I had to explain that because I have a lot of hair, it just stays wet a long time. And then suddenly, all of my Kinders were smelling my ponytail.

This has got to stop.

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