Saturday, February 19, 2011

The real reason I teach

No run today. I was scheduled for a long run, but it rained a lot last night. Our roads are all dirt/sand, and when they get poured on they can turn into a big slip 'n' slide, or just have huge puddles (lakes) that take up the whole road. Running in this is not fun, as you have to stop every two minutes to evaluate whether to go around something, walk through it, jump over it, etc. A short run in this probably would have happened, but an 11 or 12 mile run? I can't handle that. I keep praying that the sun will peek through and we'll have dry streets tomorrow morning. Or at least drier.

As for why I really teach? I discovered that this week. I taught all of the kids to say "I love you!" on Monday for Valentine's Day, and every day this week I've had at least 30 kids say "I love you!" to me. My evil plan has worked and I am being affirmed daily by the little munchkins that I adore.

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