Friday, March 11, 2011


No, not that mole. Chicken mole. Mexican dish. Served at special occasions, especially weddings. Food of my heart.

It's strange that I like mole. When I first tried it out years ago, it didn't agree with my tastebuds. It's part bitter, part spicy, part... ugly. Cande makes mole at our daycare from a jar. Hey - that's what you do when you're feeding 60 (or more) people. She also adds extra sugar and chocolate for the kids' sakes. So I began with super sweet mole that carried a little kick.

But wedding mole? It's homemade. Someone's grinding down those ingredients and cooking them over a stove for a long time. Whoever that someone is, I love them. One thing I like about mole is that everyone's mole tastes different.

Today, our construction foreman, Colores, was officially married in a tiny, quick civil ceremony over in some office. But his family had a party, and we were all invited. Colores is a really great kid and we all love him - he is happy, kind, generous, funny, and thoughtful. We also like his wife and their son, Jose Adolfo.  He's part of our family here. So, yes, of course, we will come to your house and eat chicken mole and drink Coca-Cola, thankyouverymuch.


  1. New reader here - happy to have found you! I've never tried molem, but that looks really good!

  2. Mole --didn't like it, but it must really grow on you. I bet authentico is best :)
    I spy a fanta can...funny I remember seeing that a lot in mexico.
    Hope you are having some good runs in the SUN. :)