Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Run: 2.4mi/25:50
(Finally got out to run. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be.)

My mom bought fabric long ago so that I could make a dog bed for Lucy. Many months have passed since then, anad it's about time I got started on it. I'm wingin' it. I've always tried to do things my own way, especially when it comes to crafts or sewing. I think my grandma has always gotten frustrated with me because of this, but when I picture something in my mind, I want to make it that way, not the way someone tells me to.

I had a ton of leftover batting, so I measured Lucy and then cut an appropriate size of batting.
(Yes, the best place to cut large swatches of fabric/batting is on my classroom rug)

I had already doubled the first piece. I stacked those two pieces on top of another doubled piece to make 4 layers of batting.
I cut it out, then stacked it on top of another doubled piece of batting for a grand total of six layers of batting.
I would have gone for more, actually (this is pretty thin batting), but I didn't have enough left.

I decided to cut out my fabric. The batting had been 37"x25" (who needs conventional lengths and widths?), so I cut my fabric at 38"x26", to make sure I had enough for a seam allowance. I'll also be sewing a double seam for durability. 
Pretty cool fabric, right? It's a really lightweight canvas, it's perfect.
As you can see, Lucy's really excited about her dog bed:
Over the next few days I'll be putting in a zipper and sewing up the seams, which will make this dog bed completed!

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