Thursday, June 30, 2011


My bestie was coming down to Mexico anyway. She loves Mexico. She taught for two years in Ensenada and before that spent quite a bit of time in the town where I now live. After she was done teaching this year in Portland, she got out of there as fast as she could to get down here and visit. Luckily her visit coincided with Geno's wedding. I have known Geno for 6 years now. She's one of our teachers at the daycare. She's funny and witty and a joy to be around. Basically, Geno's awesome. Mateo is a lucky, lucky man.

We all got dressed up to hit the town.
Don't ask questions.

Like good Americans, we got there on time. Like any normal Mexican function, it started 45 minutes late. So we had a bit of time to sit around and take pictures of ourselves.
Steph brought her new camera, which has the panorama feature. You can click on the picture to make it larger.
Mexican weddings have padrinos, or sponsors of sort who provide the Bible, the rings, the pillows, and the lasso. Mom and Dad were asked to be the lasso padrinos. The lasso signifies the husband and wife being yoked together.
This is a semi-awkward picture of Steph, Maribel, Isaac, and me. Isaac is Maribel's son, and well, we had been holding him there for a while.
Not too many pictures - but there's a Mexican wedding! Congratulations to Genoveva and Mateo!!

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