Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Nothings

Can't say that there's been much going on around here.

I spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday baking up some goodies. When the groups come and visit I make treats to sell in the afternoons and evenings. Another intern thought that scheme up last summer, and when she left mid-summer, I took over the business. Well, groups are rolling in again, which means the oven is hot, my hands are sticky, and everyone's gaining weight.

I sell:
*Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars
*Peanut Butter cookies
*My Famous Chocolate Chip cookies 
 (I say "My Famous..." because it's true. If you haven't yet heard about my chocolate chip cookies, it's most likely because I don't know you.)

I package all of these up and sell two cookies for a dollar, or one brownie for a dollar, or one PB chocolate bar for a dollar. It's a steal considering how wonderful they all are. I've only had them out for sale for one night and my current best customer is one of our interns, Kevin.

In the coming weeks I'll be posting recipes of these goodies, along with pictures.

The rest of my weekend was pretty quiet.  I watched some episodes of The Wire, re-started a manly scarf, got sucked in to watching some episodes of 24 with my parents, ate some really great strawberry shortcake, and bothered my manfriend with silly emails. Pretty relaxing!

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