Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Manfriend time.

Hey there! It's only been two weeks (insert eye roll) since my last blog entry. On one hand I haven't had much talk about. On the other hand, I have, but have been lazy with my camera. I'll try to do some updating as I go along, but I can't promise that it's terribly exciting.

Manfriend came and visited last week. We had last seen each other at the beginning of June, and the span of time from June 5th to July 16th (6 weeks) was the longest stretch we had gone without seeing each other since we've been together. We did it, though. On visits past we've taken a ton of pictures, but I guess our excitement has died down. We took one obligatory "we're together so we should take a picture" picture.

Manfriend actually works from home, and so this time he brought his work with him. What a jip. We spent most of our days apart, while I taught kids and did dishes and other stuff, and he hid away in his room, working on his computer. That was strange, but a good introduction to what it will be like when we both have real jobs, and aren't seeing each other all day because we're on vacation, visiting each other.

I insisted on taking a picture when we made milkshakes. Why? Manfriend had never had homemade milkshakes before. WHAT? That's crazy. I know! That's why I took a picture of the occasion!

By the way, that is a look of pure enjoyment, not disgust. I know it could go either way.

Manfriend left me all by myself here in Mexico. He was like "Sayonara!" and off he went. It was easier this time, however, because I will see him at the end of August, and at THAT time we will start living in the same city. Excitement abounds. Also, we e-mail about 20 times a day, so we can't miss each other that much, right?

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  1. Ah! I am so HAPPY for you! Glad you got a great visit and a milkshake date :)