Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Running Week

Last week I decided I had to get serious about my running. Of course, this doesn't usually happy two weeks before a race, but in this instance, it did. After my 8-mile run, I did 3 easy miles on Monday. On Wednesday I did 4 miles, but did fartleks (short spurts of fast running, followed by easy running) for 2 of those miles. The fartleks helped so much, as on Friday I did 5 miles, and made awesome time. Okay, not awesome, but incredibly improved, and I was able to hold it for 5 miles.

On Sunday I set out to do 9 miles. I only ended up doing 8.75, but I stuck it out. I did not get euphoria, I did not feel super great, but I did it. This week I'm taking it easy and will probably run some fartleks tomorrow (Wednesday), an easy run on Friday, and the race is on Sunday.

I'm pretty nervous for Sunday, as I have no idea what my timing will be like at all, but I'm excited to run a race again.

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