Monday, February 13, 2012


It's been a while, right? Living in a foreign country sure provides a lot of blog content. Being a normal American who goes to work every day and perhaps meets up with friends once week doesn't really make for an interesting blog.

Since my last post (January 2nd), some things have happened. I had a day off of work. Adam and I watched the Golden Globes and laughed. Adam and I celebrated our one year anniversary.

And oh yeah.

We got engaged.

We had planned to go out to dinner the night before our anniversary (I didn't have to work that day), so we went out to a wonderful restaurant and lived it up like we were rich people. It was threatening ice and snow and I admitted to Adam that I'd probably have to go home early. Instead, Adam insisted I stay at his place, telling me he had written a song for me. He got out his guitar while I sat down on the couch, and he sang me a song that led up to him getting on one knee and proposing. And I cried.

That was January 16th, and our lives have suddenly turned into a frenzy of wedding planning. We are getting married in June, and with my mom only in town for a limited amount of time (she has to travel back and forth to Mexico), we've gotten an amazing amount of things down for only being engaged for 4 weeks!

So what else can I say? I am planning a fun wedding, and more importantly I am marrying the most wonderful man I could have ever hoped for. Life is sweet.


  1. Congratuations to you both! How incredibly sweet that he wrote a song for you and played it.
    I bet your wedding will be beautiful. PLENTY of time to get that ready :)
    God bless!!