Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's easy to forget how wonderful running can feel. The last 8 (!!) months have found me dreading running. Since September I've started to get back into it, and under the pressure of having signed up to run a 12k in December, I've been pushing up my long runs in order that I might even cross the finish line. Chalk me up for 7 miles today, the my longest run since February.

Today on my run I was counting every digit imaginable - miles run, miles to go, paces, average pace, and imagining where my turnaround point was (it was much further than I anticipated). It was a great morning for a long run - no rain, and perfect temperature: cold enough to keep me cool the entire time, but not too cold that I was wishing for a jacket. A few weeks ago I went all out and bought tight capris - a running item I have never before even dared to wear.

This morning I got a little inkling of remembering what it's like to run those long miles. I flashed back to those weekends in Mexico, leading up to my half marathon, and remembering the high I felt after finishing 8, 9, or 10 mile runs. I'm hoping that euphoria feeling will accompany me next weekend as I try to complete 8 miles. We'll see!

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