Friday, September 2, 2011



On August 22nd my mom, Lucy, and I woke up early and hit the road for Oregon. We stayed in the home of some friends in L.A. (with their Weimereiner), stayed in southern Oregon with my brother's family, and arrived in Portland that Thursday. It's been a weird week, moving into a new place, and also trying to find a new home for Lucy. We quickly realized that although Lucy is the sweetest, calmest dog we know when she is comfortable, she really needed someone to be with her in the condo at all times. That was not going to work for us. My mom and I agreed that we really hadn't thought through the Lucy situation as well as we should have, and we immediately got to work trying to find her a new home.

Luckily, today, I got a phone call from a wonderful lady with two sons who was so extremely excited to have Lucy. I could tell from the very beginning that this was it. She talked about how she had a golden retriever in the past who also had hip pain, and was so reassuring that she knew that it would take a little while for Lucy to adjust. It just felt right. Although I was sad to pass her off this morning, I know that Lucy will enjoy her daily walks and living in a home where she is loved on. And I know this family will love on her!

So I'm looking for a job - I had a nanny job interview that went well, and I go back for a second interview next week. The parents seemed extremely down to earth and very realistic about the nanny's position and responsibilities (plus the girls were really cute and they live in a great part of town). I really, really like them and want that job, but also have an interview on Monday for another job. We'll see what happens.

I don't have that much more to report except that we've been enjoying the weather here in Portland - it was really warm (80-90) when we got here, was cool this week, and will warm up to 90 for the Labor Day weekend. In true Portland fashion it will be sweltering the first couple weeks of school!!

Not much else to say, so I'll leave you with a picture from my last Saturday in Mexico. I went with my wonderful friends Melissa and Christina to the beach. We chatted for a long time about this and that, and then Christina and I donned wetsuits (my first) and went to conquer the waves on a surfboard (her) and a boogie board (me). So much fun! It was a great day. Thanks friends!

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  1. So I am curious now- must have missed a post- about why you are moving. Or is it just a visit? Don't want to jump to conclusions! Glad you found a good doggy home :)